lostinrainbows: The Forbidden Book

The Forbidden Book

This is the forbidden book.
Everything I have ever known or learned is there.
The past is on its pages, looking straight at my eyes.
There are many blank pages in the end.
That's the future. My future. Our future.
And it's forbidden. I can't read it.
It's there. I can't see it.
No matter how much I try, not even one of those pages will divulge something about the future.
My future.
Our future.
And that's the joy of it all.

3 thoughts:

Nikos said...

what is it?

lostinrainbows said...

It's whatever you really want it to be. Anything you might be afraid of or fond of is written on its pages. I really can't describe its content.

Nikos said...


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