lostinrainbows: Lumiere


Overstimulated senses. A black hole capable of swallowing every emotion that gets in its way. A galactic beast that wants you to quit. No matter the consequences. A potent force that gives you nothing more than pain. Again.
There's a switch you have to flip. Within the city limits. You're searching for the switch. It will show you the way. The solution. The light. The joy.
Your tears touch the cold ground, while you walk. Always in the city centre. Your never-ending quest has just began. You can't escape now. You and only you have to finish this. No one can help.
Imagine a circle
You're on its perimeter
You spin like an electron
You want to reach the center

Someday you'll find your way
Your tears will dry
Your face will shine
The present will become past

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